Appeals Policy


 Whitstable Beauty School has procedures in place to make sure that the decisions we make in connection with our awarding organisation functions are consistent, transparent and fair. However, we recognise that on occasion an organisation or individual may disagree with a decision, and that we must provide the opportunity for that decision to be formally questioned, challenged and appealed. 


 An appeal is specifically related to a matter of academic decision, for example where a learner does not agree with the decision for a piece of assessed work. The procedure for that is detailed separately in the Appeals Policy.


 Other matters of concern, which are not related to assessment decisions, can be raised as a complaint, for example, against a member of staff, a learner, or about facilities. 


Appeals procedure

 An appeals procedure generally comprises the following four stages:


 Stage 1 – The learner should make the appeal through Whitstable Beauty School appeals procedure initially to the assessor involved in the decision.  If the appeal is unresolved at this level, the learner should be advised of the next stage for appeal.


 Stage 2 – The learner should contact the IQA who will attempt to resolve the appeal. If the IQA fails to resolve the appeal, the learner should be advised of the next stage for appeal to the EQA.


 Stage 3 – Whitstable Beauty School IQA will contact the Awarding Organisation EQA who will attempt to resolve the appeal. If the EQA fails to resolve the appeal, the learner should be advised of the next stage for appeal to the AO.


 Stage 4 – A written appeal should be made by the learner directly to the AO. They will then carry out an investigation and respond to the learner in writing within a set time frame, as set out in their appeals procedure.



The centre is committed to ensuring that the assessment procedure meets the requirements of the awarding organisation and fulfils national standards.

The centre will operate a system for reviewing the quality and fairness of the assessment procedure. As part of this the learner has a right to appeal against any assessment decision, written or practical, that the candidate deems to be unfair.

 The candidate should notify the assessor of dissatisfaction with the outcome of the assessment within 3 days, stating why there is disagreement with the decision. The assessor must explain the decision in writing giving reasons, responding within 3 days. 

 If the learner is not satisfied the internal quality assurer must be informed and an investigation conducted. The internal quality assurer may arrange for the candidate to be re-assessed by another assessor. The matter should be resolved in 7 days.

 If the matter is not resolved to the learner’s satisfaction, an appeal can be made to the external quality assurer, according to the awarding organisation’s appeals procedure.




This policy is reviewed regularly and updated as required.

Last reviewed: 13/01/21


At Whitstable Beauty School we believe in transparency so many of our policies are available to download from our website including Complaints Policy, Health and Safety policy, Safeguarding Policy, E&D policy, Appeals Policy, Whitstable Beauty School Code of Conduct and the GDPR policy